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Seven weeks after launch, Nigeria’s first digital ecosystem ( launched a new service – HUBS MUSIC.
Hubs Music is a platform that appreciate the Nigerian music vibes and other musical sensations from around the globe. Hubs Music as a platform is focused on the up rising talents in the music industry of Nigeria, giving them audience around the web with live plays (streaming) and free downloads.
After the launch of Nigeria’s first digital ecosystem “”, Mavi Steve (COO) made a gross survey on the next service which the ecosystem should activate. Music topped the chart and of course giving rhythm to everyone.

Tobi Babalola ( Hubs music team lead) worked effortlessly with the team to see the success of the service.
Today it’s with great pleasure that we introduce to you Hubs Music. The ecosystem exists to promote your form of art. Hubs Music is for everyone and anyone who loves music, with a user friendly interface that is flat and classy for all vibes.

Tobi Babalola, team lead for Hubs Music encourages artists from around the country to embrace and use the platform as a means of distributing their songs and getting reviews on their hit music. He added that new features that would be in favour of both the artist and audience would be introduced so as to boost the growth of digital content piracy.
Features like playback, shuffle, playlist, favourite and more are available for users on Hubs Music.

Registered artist can setup their account with ease and upload their songs free.
Exciting challenges and competition would also be introduced to widely spread hit songs from all artist respectively.

Philia Mic-Julius (PRO) rounded up by asking every Nigerian to support the ecosystem by registering a hubs account to enjoy all available service and subsequent services that would be activated ( one hubs account for everything



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