Frail hearts by Micheal_Achonye

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Deep in our hearts lay the memories untold
Everly untouched and ready to die with us
We fear the unknown truths
And we receive the open lies
We comfort ourselves by hiding our faces
In the dark and behind the veil of others
We follow their footsteps
When we could be leading them
We throw our dreams in the trash
So that we can blend in with the crowd
We become doormats for “friends”
Who use us and toss us away like we’re nothing
We compare ourselves with already made mortals
And tell ourselves that we’re not good enough
We pray everyday and go to worship our various gods
Until we lose the reason for those prayers
We sleep and wake up without a purpose
Just to exist and not to live
We drown ourselves in our sorrows
And say we’re better than the dead
We watch as our years go by
And we feel chained because of our ignorance
Wake up!
Wake up I say!
This is not a time to sleep on religion
This is not a time to sleep on friendship
This is not a time to hide your talents, skills and craftsmanship
This is a time to wake up and take over
Be the you that you want
Don’t be the you that wishes to be great
Instead, be the you that is already great and helps others find their inner spirits
Break away from every one sided friendships or relationships
Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t get far
There is no definite age to success
So don’t think it’s too early or too late to rise up
You can succeed at one and also succeed at eighty
Don’t fall onto the ground and shatter like a chandelier
Strap up!
Let’s show the world what our frail hearts can do!


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