The Codes of Greatness

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In this time and season It's important we set the foundations on what greatness is, as inspired by the Holy Ghost… please read and apply wisely…

The CODES OF GREATNESS Psalms 72:20-21

Ps 71:20-21

Verse 21 "Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side."

God's intention for your life is for greatness and let that be your reality and existence, it is His desire that Matthew 5:13, so make it your mindset….

But we must crack certain codes if we must properly relive this divine mandate and courses, we must note that:-

1)Greatness is not FAME.  Remember Adolf Hitler and Judas Iscariot. They are famous but not for good .

2) Greatness is not Material WEALTH

3) Prominence is not greatness

4)Greatness is not equivalent to acquiring TITLES

It's a product of the difference you make in the lives of people , whenever you are present before them, the level of impact and transformative influence you have o'er them.

It is also derived from the capacity to you by God to introduce new ideas and ideologies over any sphere of influence you are brought into… Your capacity to alter and redirect mindsets and potential use.

How can I touch people's lives? Meet their needs, reach out to them, touch their mindset, be true to your calling and destiny and you would become significant.

This is because If your purpose in life is all about yourself, then your purpose is still not known, surprisingly some of us are yet to have a global mindset, a destiny project sponsored by the HolySpirit to reach the Globe from our present point. Jesus said go into the World, it's a global mindset and commissioning friends, not a church drive.

You must note that :

1) greatness reflects God's image

2) You were born great even if you were born in a manger, you are here on cosmos to answer a question. You are an inventor, something locked up inside of you is ana answer to a prevailing ache somewhere  around the world.

I may be born in Kano, Nigeria-Africa, but I have been packaged and sent to the ends of the earth.

Greatness is not about putting others down. Remember the mother of the two sons of Zebedee comes to Jesus asking for her sons to be seated the right n left hand of Jesus. But Jesus responds to say it's the Father's decision Matt20:20-26.  Real Greatness is not domination and taking advantages of others.

Greatness is a product of service. Except in you serve in the spirit of excellence, you would never be great. We should always be in a consistent pursue of Excellence.    Why do we settle for less? Why do tell people to manage it like that? Why don't we go for the best?

If Excellence is a product of greatness, so why don't we offer excellence in the way operate in our lives ? We need to challenge mediocrity. We need to do our best to give excellence wherever we find ourselves. Never tell your customers to manage it , never rush into things or religious programmes because everybody is organising and you haven't. Stand up to the demands of greatness.

Finally, greatness is a product of your relationship with the Holy Ghost.

Your intimacy with the great Father God is very implicative, if He's your Father in spirit and in deed, then you don't have a choice than to be great.

Develop your relationship with the HolySpirit,   John 15:4 no more can ye except you abide in me…

That's the secret. The code of becoming MORE is wrapped in that scripture abide in Him.

Every covenant sponsoring mediocrity is cancelled in Jesus name…Amen

By Pastor Steve Smith

Setman  wayout ministries


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