The DARK ENERGY of the universe and its potentials for Renewable Energy source.

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                       THE DARK ENERGY OF THE UNIVERSE AND ITS POTENTIALS                      

 This document is aimed at analyzing proven scientific experiments as to the existence of DARK energy in the Universe and Possible methods of Taping into this Ever Abundant Energy to provide a realistic and efficient Renewable Electrical energy for humanity.

    First of all we will be looking at the Definition of DARK Energy and what lead to its discovery. According to WIKIPEDIA, dark energy is an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe .Dark energy is the most accepted hypothesis to explain the observations since the 1990s indicating that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. (Visit Wikipedia for more about Dark Energy) It is also conceived that the expanding universe produce what is called the COSMIC MICROWAVE BACKGROUND (visit Wikipedia for more about CMB) radiation. So as the universe expands energy is definitely released.

   Another evidence of the Existence of Dark energy I like to talk about is the discovery of RESONANCE effect in Capacitor and Inductor (LC) circuit. This what Wikipedia says about Resonance in LC circuit:

An LC circuit, also called a resonant circuit, tank circuit, or tuned circuit, is an electric circuit consisting of an inductor, represented by the letter L, and a capacitor, represented by the letter C, connected together. The circuit can act as an electrical resonator, an electrical analogue of a tuning fork, storing energy oscillating at the circuit’s resonant frequency.

LC circuits are used either for generating signals at a particular frequency, or picking out a signal at a particular frequency from a more complex signal; this function is called a band pass filter. They are key components in many electronic devices, particularly radio equipment, used in circuits such as oscillators, filters, tuners and frequency mixers.

An LC circuit is an idealized model since it assumes there is no dissipation of energy due to resistance. Any practical implementation of an LC circuit will always include loss resulting from small but non-zero resistance within the components and connecting wires. The purpose of an LC circuit is usually to oscillate with minimal damping, so the resistance is made as low as possible. While no practical circuit is without losses, it is nonetheless instructive to study this ideal form of the circuit to gain understanding and physical intuition. For a circuit model incorporating resistance, see RLC circuit. 


The resonance effect of the LC circuit has many important applications in signal processing and communications systems.

  1. The most common application of tank circuits is tuning radio transmitters and receivers. For example, when we tune a radio to a particular station, the LC circuits are set at resonance for that particular carrier frequency.
  2. A series resonant circuit provides voltage magnification.
  3. A parallel resonant circuit provides current magnification.
  4. A parallel resonant circuit can be used as load impedance in output circuits of RF amplifiers. Due to high impedance, the gain of amplifier is maximum at resonant frequency.
  5. Both parallel and series resonant circuits are used in induction heating.

LC circuits behave as electronic resonators, which are a key component in many applications:

Resonance occurs when an LC circuit is driven from an external source at an angular frequency ω0 at which the inductive and capacitive reactances are equal in magnitude. The frequency at which this equality holds for the particular circuit is called the resonant frequency.

From the above brief explanation of LC circuit, it become clear that, their exist what will call Energy Amplification of electrical energy in an LC circuit that is why this circuit are already incorporated into some devices like: Induction heaters and wireless battery chargers for mobile phone charging and electric Cars.

According to Wikipedia (check Resonance inductive coupling), it’s said that the Energy present in an LC ( using high quality inductor and capacitor ) circuit when driven at resonance frequency by a RF generator, far exceed the source energy by a Factor termed the Quality factor. This factor determines how much energy is present in the resonating circuit. Because of the Energy amplification of LC circuit, it’s as had serious attention by different persons and companies. Of recent, WITricity have designed a novel and high Q circuit for wireless energy transfer in which a distance of 5 meters is looked at to transmit electric power.

The Excess energy residing in an excellent LC circuit when driven at its resonance frequency is a direct evidence of the existence of Dark energy being transformed to electric energy. The only biggest issue is how to tap the amplified energy for useful work. 


Over the years, a number of intellects have employed novel methods to tap the amplified energy in an excellent LC circuit. Individual likes Nikolas Tesla, Donald Smith and T.H. Murray designed excellent circuit to tap the energy. But their results are classified as top secret that can only be revealed through serious scientific experiments after studying their patents online. It will certainly take a genius to understand their patent and bring them to life. You can read about them online.

I have studied their patents and come up with various methods to likely achieve the results. As an appetizer you can read about how the Human Immune system works and think about how it can help in tapping the Energy. If it’s difficult for you to compare and contrasts, you can Email ( me.Thanks.



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